SLEEPER Scooter Goes Street Racing

From turbocharged Silverado’s to GT500’s, this tiny wheelie-popping scooter was taking down everything that dared to race it! It brought endless entertainment to a slow night on the streets, and we don’t suspect this was the last time we’ll see it!      

Chevy Truck Road Rage Attempt to Wipe Out Bikers

“Here’s another angle of what happened at La Carne Asada 2016. A truck driver with road rage chased riders down. He hit a couple, ran over a motorcycle, and was driving on the sidewalk trying to run over everyone.”

Carving a Pumpkin in Under 30 Seconds With A Waterjet

By the time you gather up all of the tools to start carving your yearly pumpkin, this 60,000 PSI waterjet could have carved thousands for you! All you have to do is feed the image into the computer and step back, there’s no limit!

Square Body with a little boost spanks Corvette

Put a little boost along with a heads and cam swap onto a junkyard and what do you get? A C7 Corvette spanking sleeper! Even the guy below couldn’t believe it!