Small-Block Turbo Kit for $699! But Does it Work?

You’ve read about them before, probably seen one at your local dragstrip, and have maybe even pondered buying one. Before you do, HOT ROD brings you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about cheap turbo kits.


For the first time, a Bounty Hill was offered as one of the activities during Rednecks with Paychecks. The fastest overall time wins $2200 and trophy. Subsequent positions win various gifts and gift certificates, along with a trophy. Congratulations to the following participants: 1. Matt Christian 2. Shawn Cross 3. Chance Talbott 4. Jeremy Nouck… Continue reading.

Pickup Driver Loses Control on Icy Interstate

Slow down and increase your following distance in inclement weather and when road conditions are poor. Doing those two things is the best way to avoid a crash or ending up in the ditch.

The Most Popular Silverado on YouTube!!!!

This guy goes through his mods to explain why he things his Silverado is the most popular truck on Youtube.

For Sale: Armored and Bulletproof 2013 Chevrolet Silverado

Here is your “CHANCE”To Own,a Bad A$$ Truck!!!!! This Truck has been “Customized”to “PROTECT LIVES” and has been fitted with High Grade Ballistic STEEL ARMORING……..So,If you are in the Security Industry,Jewelry Trade,Banking Industry or just an average citizen wanting “MAXIMUM PROTECTION” for you or your Family,then this is “WORTH” the Investment.

1600+ HP Turbo Silverado Blows Up, Makes a Comeback!

Unfortunately, the Lsxperts turbo Chevrolet Silverado hit a rough patch at Holley LS Fest but they were able to make a nice recovery at Street Car Takeover in Atlanta!

For Sale: Fall Guy Replica Truck

You cannot drive this truck to a car show or even down the highway without people giving it praise! EVERYONE remembers the Fall Guy. Stop at a gas station and gets tons of attention. Crowds of people at a car show and thumbs up and horns honking on the highway! This beautiful truck started life… Continue reading.

How DEDICATED are U and your MUD TRUCK??

We’ve always wondered how and why mr Daniels shows up with the tiny roll around tires. Well luckily he was nice enough to let us video his every move from start to finish. Mr Daniels starts out with the small roll a round tires, quickly un straps everything. Drives the rig off the trailer and… Continue reading.

2500HD lifted, supercharged, and cammed!

It’s not very often that the perfect build arrives. Well it did! This truck is not only beautiful but it’s built to the max From the ground up this truck was built to perform and look stunning. Hats off to Nothing But Lifts for this.


This was a brand new truck build that had just been completed, out for its first ride at Mud Truck Madness. After a few light pulls in shallow areas, he took this deep hole. The tires slowed to a crawl, but the RPM’s never dropped, so you know that means trans troubles. Fortunately there was… Continue reading.