Straight Piped my 2014 Silverado… with a SAWZAW!

Straight Piped my 2014 Silverado… with a SAWZAW! Comments here –>

2017 Chevy HD vs Ford SD vs Ram HD Diesel 22,800 Lbs Towing MPG Review

2017 Chevy HD vs Ford SD vs Ram HD Diesel 22,800 lbs Towing MPG Review  

For Sale: 2013 2500HD Custom 4×4

This truck looks straight out of a Mad Max move but this one is badass!   See it here –>  

Pick up vs Pick Up

Semi vs Dually Tug O War Daisy Dukes Truck Show Unbelievable Drag Races of All time ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Originally sold as a “light” utility pick-up, meant to assist with small work loads in the early 80’s..Chevy LUV’s were NEVER meant to go THIS fast! Assisted by some Nitrous Express technology and a big ass motor, this LUV always puts on a show – lighting up the candles all the way down the 1320!… Continue reading.

Pickup Driver Loses Control on Icy Interstate

Slow down and increase your following distance in inclement weather and when road conditions are poor. Doing those two things is the best way to avoid a crash or ending up in the ditch.

2500HD lifted, supercharged, and cammed!

It’s not very often that the perfect build arrives. Well it did! This truck is not only beautiful but it’s built to the max From the ground up this truck was built to perform and look stunning. Hats off to Nothing But Lifts for this.

The Future Tire by Goodyear – It’s a Sphere!

Goodyear presented a vision of a future tire that looks radically different from tires today — it’s a sphere. Goodyear unveiled its latest concept tire, Eagle-360, at the Geneva International Motor Show. The spherical, 3-D printed tire highlights Goodyear’s vision for the future and presents an inspiring solution for the long-term future when autonomous driving… Continue reading.

Classic Truck Junkyard

To stumble across a single truck like this is amazing but to find an entire junkyard of them, there is just no way to comprehend it. It’s like puppies, you want them all!!