There’s an All-New Duramax 6.6L Diesel in the 2017 Silverado HD and Sierra HD!

Some of the biggest news this year had to do with this killer looking hood scoop on the 2017 Chevy Silverado HD and Sierra HD.

GM teased us with juuust enough info to make us salivate, but now we’ve got the full details on the new off road trim levels and diesel engines.

Can GM engine top the Super Duty’s numbers? Let’s find out.

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We’ll start with the new Sierra HD All Terrain X. This trim level joins the Canyon and Sierra 1500 as GMC’s factory off road trucks.


It’s available with the standard 2017 engines, a 6.0 L V8 gas engine that makes 360 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque. But the new Duramax 6.6L Diesel is also an option. The numbers for that? Keep watching.

The new truck is, of course, 4 wheel drive and has a host of great looking exterior details. Some of which include, 18 inch painted black wheels, a unique body-color grille with an All Terrain insert, front bumper skid plate, 4 inch black sport side steps, and a black sports bar to match the other X models. It’s also got an upgraded Z71 suspension package to round out the All Terrain part of the name.

Now that’s exciting and all that, but you’re watching this for the new Duramax engine, right? So let’s dive into that.

The new Duramax 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 engine, codenamed the L5P is overall a physically stronger engine. It’s also nearly 40% quieter at idle than previous models and has B20 bio-diesel compatibility.

Now, that hood scoop doesn’t look just awesome, it’s functional, too. 60% of the airflow to the engine comes from the new feature. But you’ve got to get the Diesel to have the hood scoop.