Chevy Big Block Powered Lawn Mower

Either this guy has a death wish or he’s off to a great business plan for the fastest lawn server in America! What will people not put big blocks in now???

Cut It Out! 700 HP Chevy Truck Gets Dumped

In this episode we prototype some exhaust cutouts for a VIP’s badass stock bottom end truck. You also get to meet Chris from Kooks Custom Headers and Josh shows us his incredible vlog camera mounting skills. When companies want to build a new product, they’ll ask for somebody local to them to volunteer their truck… Continue reading.

The Women Of SEMA!!!

Each year at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, companies will do just about anything to get you to visit their booth. Having a plethora of scantily cladded women always helps! Javier at Skull Crusher Productions also does a great job in compiling video shots of these ladies for your viewing pleasure!

Single Digit Chevy – Daily Driven Boat Hauler!

Not only is this Chevy pickup fast as hell, but it doubles as a boat hauler that the owner says he drives nearly every day! We caught this bad machine out at Street Car Takeover Orlando and must say that we’re impressed!

Brand new 2016 Silverado goes for a swim. Total Loss!

You know the feeling. You pick up your brand new 2016 Silverado and your itching to pull something. Let’s take the boat to the lake! Just something to test out the towing abilities of your truck truck. Not sure what happened here. Did the owner completely mess up? Was there green slime on the ramp?… Continue reading.

Square Body with a little boost spanks Corvette

Put a little boost along with a heads and cam swap onto a junkyard and what do you get? A C7 Corvette spanking sleeper! Even the guy below couldn’t believe it!

How Much Power And Torque Will GM’s New L5P Duramax Make?

General Motors is set to introduce a new 6.6-liter V-8 Duramax Turbo-Diesel engine for its 2017 model year heavy duty trucks — the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado HD and 2017 GMC Sierra HD. Assigned production code L5P, the new B20-compatible motor works in conjunction with the trucks’ new air intake system while remaining mated to the familiar Allison 6-speed… Continue reading.

How DEDICATED are you and your MUD TRUCK??

We’ve always wondered how and why mr Daniels shows up with the tiny roll around tires. Well luckily he was nice enough to let us video his every move from start to finish. Mr Daniels starts out with the small roll a round tires, quickly un straps everything. Drives the rig off the trailer and… Continue reading.

C10 Burnout Goes Wrong. Very Wrong!

My dad and I started wrenching on this and got a little excited and forgot to bolt down the steering wheel. Lmao! This was funny!

ICON GMC Jimmy Reformer Test Drive!

This video features an ICON Reformer project we just finished. It is a 1970 GMC Jimmy, reimagined as our client desired! Thanks for watching. For more details, visit