Shop Tip – How to Calibrate a Tape Measure

Everyday use of a tape measure can be off just enough to mess things up good. We show you how to make sure you keep getting the best results every time with this simple tweak.    

How to TEST Your Coolant for the Winter (Before Major DAMAGE is Done)

Learn how to test your antifreeze, and how to change your coolant to make sure it is protecting your car’s engine and cooling system properly. In this video I cover what how to properly test your coolant and top off your radiator so it is a 50/50 mix that way your car wont overheat and… Continue reading.

HERES WHY You Should NEVER Buy a ROUGH COUNTRY LIFT KIT!! *Lift Kit Comparison*

Rough Country Figure it out and figure it out NOW! Ready Lift Amazing Job on this kit! Amazing Quality and Amazing Kit! Today i compare the Ready Lift 3.5″ 2019 Ram 1500 Lift With the 3.5″ Inferior Rough Country. I never recommend these lifts to anybody and this video shows you exactly why! YES THESE… Continue reading.

For Sale: Armored and Bulletproof 2013 Chevrolet Silverado

Here is your “CHANCE”To Own,a Bad A$$ Truck!!!!! This Truck has been “Customized”to “PROTECT LIVES” and has been fitted with High Grade Ballistic STEEL ARMORING……..So,If you are in the Security Industry,Jewelry Trade,Banking Industry or just an average citizen wanting “MAXIMUM PROTECTION” for you or your Family,then this is “WORTH” the Investment.